About Pafford EMS

Pafford Medical Services, Inc. offers patients, medical facilities and municipal customers emergency, paramedic (ALS) level (9-1-1) and non-urgent basic, advanced and critical care life support transportation services. The company operates paramedics ground ambulance services and advanced air medical response transportation as well as special event medical standby and other relating healthcare services. The company’s approximate 890 full and part/time employees staff more than 100 ambulances, three (3) medical helicopters, and two (2) fixed-wing air ambulances to produce more than 125 thousand annual responses in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Oklahoma.

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Pafford EMS in Piedmont

Beginning June 1, 2019, Pafford EMS will provide a staffed ALS ambulance based out of Piedmont Fire Station 1, 24 hours per day. Pafford EMS will also provide a back-up BLS ambulance based out of Piedmont Fire Station 1 that will be staffed by part time Pafford EMT’s, which include many of our Firefighter/EMT’s. 

Pafford EMS will respond to Priority 1 emergencies within 9 minutes and 59 seconds, 90% of the time. We are excited to welcome Pafford EMS to Piedmont.

The City of Piedmont pays a subsidy of $75,000 in addition to the $7.50 added to the water bills for individuals that live inside City limits. If you would like to learn more about how the Pafford EMS Membership works, please click here.

If you live outside City limits and would like to participate in this program, please apply here

Pafford Medical Services

Physical Address

314 Edmond Rd NW                   Piedmont, OK 73078

Emergency: 911