Water & Sewer

Piedmont has a large system of water and sewer mains located in and outside the city. The system includes literally hundreds of miles of water and sewer lines. This network of water and wastewater lines is maintained by the Director of Public Works, Bud Stuber, and several other members of Stuber's team. They work day and night to keep Piedmont's water flowing. 

After hours Emergency Water Number

If you believe that there is a leak during non-working hours, please use our emergency number, (405) 777-9009.

Water Fees & Charges

Check out the current water fees for the City of Piedmont.

Sewer Fees & Charges

Stay up-to-date with our sewer fees and charges.

Other Charges & Fees

Look at what the other charges and fees help promote in our City.

Water Quality Report

See where Piedmont landed on the Water Quality Report.

How To Use the Utility Website

Learn how to use and utilize the utility department website.

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