Other Charges & Fees

Piedmont Municipal Authority Fees & Deposits

  • Reconnection Fee: $40
  • Returned Check: $25
  • Trash Deposit: $30
  • Water Deposit: $95

Fire Charge

  • $1.50 for all customers

The fire charge is on every customers bill. If you call the fire department out and you are a customer of ours, then you are not charged for them to respond.

Storm Drain Fee

  • $1 inside city limits only

The storm charge is to help pay for the maintenance of the storm drains through out the city. If you are in city limits you will be charged the fee regardless of whether you have a storm drain in front of your house or not. We all have to drive on the streets and we all need to help maintain them.

Capital Improvement Fee

  • Inside City Limits $7
  • Outside City Limits $9

Road Maintenance Fee

  • $10 for all customers

The road maintenance fee is on every customers bill. The funds will be used to pay for any street and road construction, maintenance and enhancement necessary.


  • $7.50 Inside City Limits Only

Labor for Backhoe

  • $150 per hour plus $15 per helper

Road Trench  

  • $400 up to 100 feet 

New Construction

*Anything over 300 feet is considered new construction and must be DEQ approved with engineering standards.


Be sure and check out our new utility website to get your account registered and sign up for e-billing today!

There is a drop box for utility payments located at the civic center. It is checked on a daily basis. If the due date falls on a Friday or weekend, you must have your payment in the box by 8 a.m. on the following Monday morning in order to avoid a penalty.

Late Charges

Notice: Late charges equal 10% of your bill. We do have automatic draft, if you would like to sign up. When submitting your draft form, please include a voided blank check or a deposit slip, with correct routing number and account number. The payments will be drafted on the 15th of every month. If the 15th falls on a weekend the draft date will be posted on the following Monday.