Posting Bond

If you wish to talk with the Prosecutor concerning a plea agreement or deferred sentence or if you are pleading not guilty and wish to set a trial date you must post a bond before being set on a disposition docket. If you are arrested you must post bond to get out of jail.
Bond is set at the amount of the fine plus $35 on each offense. We accept cash or surety bonds.

Bail Bondsmen

If you need help posting bond please see our list of approved bondsmen.

Bond Schedule

Please see our bond schedule for fee amounts.

Guilty Plea

If you enter a plea of Guilty or Nolo Contendere (No Contest) you may simply pay the fine and cost on the citation and will be found guilty of the charge or you may post a bond and be set over for a Disposition Docket to talk with the Prosecutor about a Plea Agreement. If the citation is for a traffic offense and you just pay, it will be reported to the Department of Public Safety.

Not Guilty Plea

If you enter a plea of Not Guilty, a cash bond will be required before setting your case over for hearing and must be posted at the Arraignment. The bond will be the amount of the citation plus a $35 court fee.

You may take care of the Arraignment through the mail or online, but if you want to be set for Disposition you must either contact the Court Clerk’s office or include a note to that effect with your mail and let us know how to reach you.