New Residents

Ease of accessibility, proximity to the Metropolitan Oklahoma City area, and stellar academic performance by the Piedmont School System make Piedmont one of the most sought after places to live in Oklahoma. 

Piedmont consists of over 43 square miles and is located near the geographical center of the State of Oklahoma, in the far northeast corner of Canadian County, accessible by the fast growing Kilpatrick Turnpike and Northwest Highway transportation corridors of northwest Oklahoma City.


City Location

Abutting the city limits of Oklahoma's largest metropolitan area, Piedmont is only minutes away from major employers, airports, major shopping and health centers. It is located in a moderate southwest outdoor-oriented climate with four distinct seasons yielding an average rainfall of 31.38 inches per year.

With a wide variation of building sites, the topography of Piedmont varies from wide river valleys to steep hills and canyons, from sand dunes to rock an gypsum.

Quick Facts

  • Average cost of housing is $165,000-$185,000, with an average home size of 2,654 square foot.
  • Lot sizes range from 7,500 square foot (Urban Professional), 1/2 acre to five acres (Rural Residential estates), and farms and ranches sized ten acres and up.
  • Property tax is $94.72 per $1,000 of assessed value, one of the lowest property tax rates in the area.
  • Sales tax is 9.85%, divided between the City, the State, and Canadian County.
  • Fire Insurance Rating is 4.
  • A thriving rural community, Piedmont's population has grown from 3,650 in 2000 to its estimated size of 7,000 today.
  • One of the fastest growing communities in the state, Piedmont is projected to grow at a rate of 10.53% between now and 2021. 


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